Learn skills to unearth your power as a leader.

Take responsibility for your success by completing the BSB50215 Diploma of Business which will provide you with fundamental skills to multitask across all levels and turn your business into a competitive stronghold in your industry.

Paying specific attention to your leadership and management skills, this Diploma will bring undisputed success to you, your team and your business.

This respected business qualification will also count as points for credits for selected university courses to increase your knowledge base even further.

If you’re looking to take yourself to the next level by learning and implementing strategic leadership and ownership skills, this is for you!

University Pathway

Australian Institute of Learning is proud to announce our Diploma graduate students can now qualify for 1 year off a Bachelor of Business at Southern Cross University on completion of the Diploma. That's 8 credits. Alternatively complete 1 Year in our prgram and just 1 year at SCU to achieve the Associate Degree of Business. Course Code: 2207275. Credits also apply against other degrees. Talk to us for more info.



Finer details:

  • Choice of night or day classes to suit your schedule

  • Online option to work at your own pace

  • Approximate 6-8-month timeline from start to completion

  • Equivalent to an OP9 in Queensland (Please check out QTAC – subject to change)

  • Option to upgrade to a DUAL BSB50215 Diploma of Business and BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management.

  • This course meets the requirements of an approved course of education and study from an approved institution for the purpose of qualifying for a student payment through Unity College Australia.

Acquire skills to lay a strong foundation for the future of your career pathway. Contact us today.

Who’s a BSB50215 Diploma of Business for?

  • Anyone who wants to start their own business

  • An existing business owner who seeks to gain the leading edge on their competitors.

  • An employee who wants to prepare for the next stage of their career.

  • Pathway to University

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