Lives Changed, People Empowered

At AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF LEARNING our motto, passion and promise to you are all one and the same.

Lives changed:
Our business courses are designed to improve the lives of people from all walks of life across the Gold Coast and Australia by equipping them with proven business and management skills via an education platform which will help them to succeed.

Not only do our business courses teach practical skills which will propel you in the workplace; once you start to uncover exactly what it is the mind can achieve, you realise that anything is possible and your life has limitless potential.  At AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF LEARNING, you can become whoever you want to be!

People empowered:
We don’t do this for you. Once you’re of the belief that anything is possible; our goal is to help you find the skills you need to succeed, and the achievement itself is all down to you.

You are the one responsible for your success, and everything you need to achieve your goal is there inside of you. For some, it’s bubbling just underneath the surface waiting for you to release it, for others it’s buried a bit deeper down. But in everyone, your abilities are there somewhere waiting for you to unleash them to live a life that knows no bounds.

All our courses are taught in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment designed to put you at ease so that you can get the most out of the tools we offer. We hone in on your unique traits to provide you with a teaching style and approach which will help you get the most out of your business course.  With 90% of our students completing their course within the allocated timeframe, this significant achievement is a true testament to the support and encouragement offered to every individual.

Our commitment to excellence starts from the inside out, and we only provide trainers with the highest standards. Our educators undertake professional development of their own both in Australia and the USA, a minimum of three times a year to ensure that this education is passed on to you to ensure you achieve the best results.

Our compliance record with The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA – National regulator for training colleges) has resulted in 100% compliance on audit which we’re extremely proud of because we know that you receive the most benefit of these high standards. Report and letter attached.

We are passionate about continuous improvement and our students will back us up regarding the innovative and creative sessions we deliver across all levels.

Our motto is "Lives Changed, People Empowered". This is our passion and a quick look at our Facebook profile and website testimonials will prove our students walk away with a life changing training experience.

AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF LEARNING is a registered training organisation (RTO number 32309) and we’re a Queensland Government approved training provider for the following:

·         Certificate III Guarantee Program

·         Queensland Government Higher level skills training program

Eligible Queenslanders can qualify for subsidised training.

However you found us, whatever your walk of life so far; all of our students have one thing in common; they don’t leave the same way they came in.

Change your life, empower yourself; contact us today.