Australian Institute of Learning is an Australian Government Registered Training Organisation – RTO32309.

We are registered to deliver the BSB50215 Diploma of Business or Dual Diploma BSB50215 Diploma of Business and BSB51917 Diploma of Leadership.

Why Study the Diploma of Business?

We understand how difficult it is to secure employment when you arrive in Australia without Australian Qualifications. You have to compete with applicants who already have Australian accreditation. You bound to end up bottom of the queue without knowledge of Australian legislation and work ethics.

We understand how challenging it can be to meet the points test for your visa. Every little bit helps, especially with the changing environment of the visa application.

We understand how long the process can be to get into an Australian University. Our students walk into most Bachelors degrees at university even without final years of schooling. The Diploma in Australia is equivalent to a ranking of 87-91 for university admission. 

Our objective is to help you to fast track you chance of securing employment for you and your family when you apply from overseas on when you arrive. We have spoken to many arriving migrants who have discovered how difficult it can be to secure employment without an Australian Qualification.

In most cases, you would need to arrive here and enroll at high costs while trying to find employment. Completing a Diploma with us allows you to learn the latest legislation and work ethics that Australian Employers desire in applicants. We cannot guarantee any employment but can confidently say your chances of securing employment will be greatly enhanced with the Australian Diploma.

 We do not offer incentives to students for enrolling. The onus is on you to ensure the course will meet your needs before enrolling. 

University Pathway

Australian Institute of Learning is proud to announce our international students can now qualify for 1 year off a Bachelor of Business at Southern Cross University on completion of the Diploma. That's 8 credits. Credits also apply against other degrees. You can now arrive in Australia to study with CRICOS approved Southern Cross in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, saving thousands of dollars and 8 subjects credit. imagine completing a Bachelors degree in 2 years, accelerating your path into your future. Save a fortune by not completing pre-enrolment courses. Subject to university approval.

Check it out here

Career Outcomes

Students completing the Diploma of Business can either gain employment with a multitude of organisations or obtain credits to complete the Bachelor degree.

Alternatively, graduates can seek entry with credit into a range of bachelor degree programs at Australian and or internationally recognized universities.

Details on our registration can be found here on the Australian Government site - Australian Government Registration. We guarantee the Diploma is Australian Government Approved Qualification and welcome any Government checks.

Visa Outcomes

Your completed Australian Diploma could earn you points towards an Australian Visa.

We cannot make any guarantees with regards to Visas or the value of the Diploma in the visa application process, and therefore request you check with a registered migration agent on the value of the BSB50215 Diploma of Business. 

You do not need a student visa or apply for any special consideration to study this Diploma. You do not need any pre-requisites except a good understanding of English and working with the internet.

Benefits to You in Your Home Country

Providing in-depth, practical, and hands-on training; this Diploma will facilitate your success as an effective business manager and will help you lead a committed and productive workforce who are an integral part of your team and play an instrumental role in helping you achieve your company goals.

If you are looking to take your resume to the next level by learning and implementing strategic leadership and ownership skills, this is for you!  Imagine having an Australian Diploma in your workplace?

Imagine having an Australian Diploma on your resume!

Finer details:

Potential Savings completing a Diploma in your country:

$20000 - Cost of 1 Year Bachelor Degree (you qualify for this year as credits)

$20000 - Average cost of Diploma if completed as international student in Australia

$15000 - Loss of earnings while you compete in the Job Market against candidates with Australian qualifications

Thats $55 000 outlay if you keen to study or work in Australia, not including the possible visa points you can earn.

All this for a low cost of: $8000

  • Total cost-free of bank charges - $8000 Australian Dollars. Walk in with the qualification most international students spend a year achieving. 
  • Total eight units (subjects) – can be completed in 6 months. Maximum 12 months.
  • Units will be assessed on completion and feedback provided to develop your skills.
  • 100% online with a dedicated trainer and ZOOM video sessions.
  • Work at your pace anywhere you can access the internet.
  • The Student Handbook provided identifies your rights and responsibilities as a student registering in an Australian RTO. We are governed by the standards as set out by the Australian Government. The Australian Skills Quality Authority promotes quality training so that students, employers, and industry have confidence in Australia's training sector. 
  • Undertake a Learning, Literacy and Numeracy evaluation before enrolling. You must have a reasonable understanding of English to read and take part in online interviews.
  • Our Diploma is guaranteed to offer you direct credits against other comparable Diploma programs in Australia.
  • Studying this course in Australia can cost as much as $29000 Source: CRICOS Diploma Costs

Units to be completed *

BSBLDR501     Develop and use emotional intelligence
BSBWOR501   Manage personal work priorities and professional development
BSBADM502   Manage meetings
BSBPMG522   Undertake project work
BSBRSK501     Manage risk   
BSBADV507    Develop a media plan
BSBWOR502   Lead and manage team effectiveness
BSBMKG501    Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities

* subject to change 

Double Diploma Options

The BSB50215 Diploma of Business can be upgraded to a Dual Diploma BSB50215 and BSB519195 Diploma of Leadership and Management for an additional four units. The cost of the Diploma is $8000 each, however, if you enrol for the Dual Diploma simultaneously, you will pay only $12000 Australian Dollars.  

* That is 2 Diplomas for the half than a single Cricos Diploma. 

The Dual Diploma will catapult you into the workforce with a higher Australian management level thinking and application. This will greatly enhance your chance of securing employment. 98% of our Diploma students have taken this approach leading to university admissions, great job outcomes and greater understanding of Leadership and Management.


Whats Next?

You want this? Great. Let's get to it.

  • Complete the enrollment form below. Be sure to upload your identity documents via the enrollment form. 
  • Total only $8000 (Australian) all inclusive. Pay no more guaranteed. 
  • Once our registrar approves your application, you will receive an invoice for settlement. 
  • You will be provided with your online log in details to start immediately

Join the hundreds who have secured a better life for themselves and their family with this highly valued qualification.

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