We are living in the 4th Industrial revolution. There is an acceleration of digitalization in the workforce and therefore the consequent demand for digital knowledge, skills and capabilities. Our objective at Australian Institute of Learning is to integrate these skills into every single training product we deliver so our students can enter the workforce with increased knowledge and skills to adopt the emerging disruptive technologies.


Rebecca Heinrich Devlyn recommends Australian Institute of Learning: “highly recommended AIOL. Ricky & the AIOL are so passionate about changing lives. Ricky is so dedicated and will support you 100% of the way.

Before I started my courses at AIOL all I had was my year 10 High Scool Certificate. I was a casual employee in a dead end job and I knew if I did not get an education, I would forever stay in dead end jobs and get nowhere in life. With the help of a dedicated, empowering, motivating, highly educated and experienced educator, I was able to go from basic to educated, confident, skilled and able to improve my life. I was able to leave my dead end job.

I now have a stable full-time job that provides a very satisfying salary, and I am now achieving my career and business goals. I have now completed 1 Advanced Diploma and 3 Diplomas and a certificate in Digital Marketing and Branding. I am now well on my way to creating the life a desire.

Ricky & AIOL genuinely want to inspire you and want you to be the best version of yourself. They will support you all the way. If you have been looking around researching various college’s, and your worried you might not have support and will fail, well... you can put those worries aside if you become a student of AIOL. You don’t just sign up and then be forgotten about.

Rest assured you can gain the skills with AIOL so you can start living the life you really want.”

— Rebecca - Facebook recommendation
Want to say a huge thank you to Ricky and Marc for the amazing learning experience but an extra special thank you to Ricky for believing in me, encouraging me to keep going when i was ready to give up and most of all having faith in me when i didnt. Without all this i wouldnt be graduating today or embarking on the double diploma and bachelors degree i wanted to do. You have guided me and sent me on the path to bigger things.
— Jackie Hassett
My phone won’t let me write a review but I refuse to not let my opinion be known! This Australian Institute of Learning, is unbelievable to say the least. The training is relevant, the trainers are born leaders & teachers. This place is a 5 star learning institution, I learnt more here in one year than I did in UNIVERSITY.
— Remy Brooks

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff of the Australian Institute of Learning and I can’t speak highly enough of Ricky and his team – they were professional, forthcoming and extremely supportive. I would highly recommend AIOL to everyone who would like to expand their horizons in the world of management and business. Thank you once again Ricky, you’ve been a brilliant support!
— Maryke Botes
***** 5 Stars
The best training college without a doubt! The trainers are so incredibly passionate and genuinely care. The teaching is interactive and engaging. Ricky takes things to an entire new level from the incredible content of teaching to the prestigious awards nights! Highly recommended!!
— Evangeline Warzywak

***** 5 Stars
I just want to shout out a big thank you to Ricky Naicker for helping me realize fantastic potential opportunities (business or otherwise) that are within my reach and for re-igniting my passion for learning. I have enough momentum now from completing the Certificate IV in Small Business Management and the Double Diploma of Management and Business that I am going on to study a Bachelor of Business at Uni. I am so excited. Also, a big thank you to Glenda Fieldes for all the after hours support, especially when I went into crisis mode (which prevented a mental meltdown). I learned so much from you and I apply your teachings to my daily life and to my work. Last of all, thanks to Marc Miles for the inspirational NLP workshop. It was amazing. I would recommend Australian Institute of Learning to anyone wanting to better themselves and to learn something new, you will not regret it (unless you drop out and fail miserably but then that’s your own fault for not putting in the hard work you bum :p ). Cheers everyone at AIOL, teachers and students.
— Paul Stainton

Dear Ricky and Team at AIOL, Thank you so much for all the support and guidance you have all given me over the past few months to complete my courses. AIOL is such a fantastic organisation and I look forward to studying with you again. You were so flexible and made my life so easy & I just want to say thank you so much. The level of care and support this company gives is outstanding & should be commended. I would not hesitate in referring any friends or family to this wonderful company.
— Donna
I would thoroughly recommend AIOL to any employer wishing to provide training for their employees or themselves as I believe you genuinely go the extra mile towards ensuring that their students come away with all the tools required to advance themselves within their careers. Your style of training impresses me in how you call on students to actively participate rather than simply learning by rote.
— Chantelle

I have had some experience with colleges and Institutes through my study of the past years, and found this one had something different which was rare. This an Institute that stands for learning, giving back to the community and has pride and belief in this Industry as I said very rare these days. Firstly I would like to share my first introduction to Ricky he was my trainer for an IT Module I had to complete for my Cert IV in Business. Let me tell you!! he knew he had a student that day , I am not very good with IT spreadsheets etc. Although it was HE that a lasting impression on me, 18 months later when I was looking to complete my Diploma in Management “ he was the first one I calledTo sum up Australian Institute of learning experience would be total professionalism, integrity and an institute that believes in its students with trainers second to none. What you gain apart from your certification is invaluable; you will have the confidence, knowledge and the belief in yourself.
— Claire

Thank you so much Ricky for your encouragement, I was very concerned that I would not be able to accomplish this study. Your comments regarding our web site will definitely be taken into account as we are in the process of revamping our website. I had such a negative experience with my last study that I undertook that I was quite nervous about embarking on more study, but you have helped me so much overcome that bad experience. Thank you so much Ricky I am so grateful to be in a training school that has such a positive way of enabling students to learn and enjoy that learning. I have thoroughly enjoyed every session I have attended so far, and look forward to each session knowing it is so insightful and inspiring. You run your training school with such integrity, and your willingness to help and be of assistance is very much appreciated.
— Cheryl, Employer

I enjoyed doing the CERT IV in Business course with AIOL. Ricky is a very good teacher and very approachable at all times and willing to listen to the students. I have achieved more knowledge, grown more and have become more confident within the business I am working in now. The course has helped me think outside the box. If I had the opportunity to study again with AIOL, I would without any hesitation.
— Allison
Hi Ricky a very big thank you to you for what you did for our team. Every single one of them has come back raving about how much they have learned and how amazing you were in taking them through the course. It’s transformed attitudes toward key tasks from “do I really have to bother with this” to “no worries! I’ll have it done in no time!”. This new confidence will make a significant difference for our organisational efficiency and help us to focus on our mission and unhindered growth.
— Anne-Marie

Your knowledge in this subject area is exceptional and I enjoyed learning from you. You are professional, approachable and motivating which made attending the sessions a great experience.I wish you and AIOL a great future and would recommend your organisation to anyone who wishes to further their studies.
— Hayden Whitworth – General Manager, Juice 107.3
I have just completed the CERT IV Frontline Management. I would most certainly recommend this course. I cannot speak highly enough of my trainers and mentor Ricky Naicker. His professional and personal manner is second to none. I learnt so much from this course and using this experience gained in my daily work already. It has been an absolute pleasure to work beside Ricky and the Team at AIOL.
— Liz

I feel Australian Institute of Learning deliver professional training with excellence and passion. Thank you for reminding me where my heart actually is.The course has taken me closer in positioning myself and drawing me closer to achieving my goals. I see AIOL as a company who is passionate about empowering others.
— Vicki, Pindarra Hospital
I really enjoyed the assessments, the time given was sufficient. My knowledge has increased & I feel much more confident in being the best leader and manager I possibly can be.
— Shaun, Intervention Projects