Recognition of prior learning - FREE  aSSESSMENT

NO Classes. NO Homework. NO Assessments. 

Have you gained knowledge and skills through your work, life experience, training or education?

Do not lose this opportunity to have your skills formally recognised with an Accredited Qualification. In most cases you can access Qld.Government Cert 3 guarantee funding for your simple process. No exams, No Studying or Classroom (if eligible) 

BSB30115 Certificate 3 in Business for just $29

Recognition of prior learning

If you believe you are already competent in a number of skills through your work or life experience, then these skills may be eligible for RPL and they can often be credited towards a partial or even a complete vocational qualification.

* Queenslanders (including New Zealanders living in QLD) that qualify will only pay $29 for a BSB30115 Certificate III in Business.  

What is Involved?

As part of the recognition of prior learning assessment your existing skills and knowledge will be assessed by a qualified assessor. You can demonstrate your competence in a variety of ways including performing tasks, sharing your stories about how you carry out tasks in the workplace or providing work samples.

Benefits of applying for recognition:

  • Recognition can accelerate you through your career pathway.

  • A qualification may assist you with getting a promotion, job security, a change in career or even a pay rise.

Why wait, costs you nothing to check if you qualify.


Want to say a huge thank you to Ricky and Marc for the amazing experience but an extra special thank you to Ricky for believing in me, encouraging me to keep going when i was ready to give up and most of all having faith in me when I didn't. You have guided me and sent me on the path to bigger things. JH - RPL Graduate

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